Disinfection will be conducted after 6 P.M. on August 30(wednesday),2017.

Please don’t stay in the following specified disinfected areas during this period of time. Thank you for cooperation.

Disinfection area and time:
1. East Parking Lot, Underground Parking.
2.Grand Auditorium, Performing Center, 1.2F Alumni House ,and Student Dormitory(New House) B1F Study Room of Student Dormitory.
3. All the public hallways and restrooms of Common Laboratory Building.
4.Public areas in all student dormitories(Building A,B,S,N).

1.The public facilities, restrooms, and classrooms(A1.A2.A3)of Li-hsueh building.
2. The public facilities, restrooms, and 30 classrooms of Chi-shih Building.
3. The public facilities, restrooms, and 12 classrooms of College of Dental Medicine.
4. The public facilities, restrooms, and 11 classrooms of First Teaching Building.
5. The public hallways, restrooms and 1 classroom of Medical Research Building(B1-7F).
6. The public hallways, restrooms, and 12 classrooms of International Academic Research Building(B2-10F).
7. Campus, gutters, waste yard, etc.