Main Responsibilities

  • Repairing and maintenance of the buildings and facilities.
  • Management of drinking water, air-conditioner, gas, and electricity.
  • Supervising water, electricity, gas and telephone accounts and paying the bills.
  • Planning of energy-saving strategy


NameJob TitleDutyTelephoneDeputy

Hsin-Fu Chen

Chief Supervising the general affairs division 2088 
An-Jiag GuoTechnician Management and maintenance of electric system of campus 2090 
Chi-Ching ChengTechnician Supervising water, electricity 2095 
Kun-Wang PengTechnician Planning of energy-saving strategy 2092 
Chin-Chung LinTechnician Maintain of new building 2093 
Chen-Wei SuTechnician Management of drinking water  2091  
Lian-Yuh ChawTechnician Maintenance of public area of campus 2096