Enhanced Dengue Control

School Campus will be disinfected from 6 PM to 12PM at August 28, 2015. Students and colleagues do not stay within the working area.


Working time and area are below:

Time: 6PM

1.He-chuan parking lot, Underground parking lot

2.Grand Auditorium, Auditorium, Alumni House (1F&2F), Student Dormitory-New House(B1F)

3.Public walkways and toilets of General Laboratory Building

4.Public walkways of Student Dormitory (New House & South Hall & North Hall)


1.Public area and toilets of Li-Hsueh Building &A1A2A3 classroom

2.Public area and toilets of Chi-Shih Building & 30 classrooms

3.Public area and toilets of First and Second building & 12 classrooms

4.Public area and toilets of First teaching Building & 11 classrooms

5.Public area and toilets of Medical Research Building 1 classroom

6.Public area and toilets of International Academic Research building & 12 classrooms

7.Campus environment, ditches, garbage dump and so on.