Main Responsibilities

  • Maintaining campus public environment.
  • Receiving and dispatching official documents and mails.
  • Stamping and managing official postage.
  • Supervising the operation of contracted-out cafeterias and selling spots.
  • Management of intra-campus transportation.
  • Management of auditoriums.
  • Management of classrooms and meeting rooms.
  • Management of school’s key.


NameJob TitleDutyTelephoneDeputy

Hsin-Fu Chen

Chief Supervising the general affairs division 2124#31Jan-Yang Ko
Wen-Chih Lee
Wen-Chih LeeStaff Management of classrooms and meeting rooms 2124#38Ching-Fu Chen
Yi-yai Chen
Ching-Fu ChenStaff Management of school’s key 2124#32Wen-Chih Lee
Li-Yen Huang
Yi-yai ChenStaff Management of auditoriums 2124#33Wen-Chih Lee
Li-Yen Huang
Li-Yen HuangStaff Management of parking permit 2124#32Yi-yai Chen
Wen-Chih Lee
Yi-Huei LiauStaff Maintain of document system 2124#35Bie-Ling Yan
Li-Mei Wu
Li-Mei WuStaff Correcting of official documents 2124#35Fang-Yuh Lin
Yi-Huei Liau
Bie-Ling YanStaff Receiving and dispatching official documents and mails 2124#34Yi-Huei Liau
Shinn-Hua Juang
Shinn-Hua JuangStaff Management of official document 2124#36Wen-Jung Hsu
Bie-Ling Yan
Wen-Jung HsuTechnician Management of microscope 2149Shinn-Hua Juang
Ching-Fu Chen